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FIRST OPENING DAY ( continued )
A Mr. Provan had provided a silver jack and stand to be presented to Mrs Lobnitz to mark the occasion.
At a meeting of the Directors in June 1914, the Chairman complimented the Committee on the successful opening of the green and read a letter from Mr. Lobnitz intimating that Mrs. Lobnitz wished to present a trophy to the Club for competition and indeed this is the present Championship trophy.
The House Committee reported that the cost of purveying at the opening of the green was approx 52/- shillings and that this had been met by the members of the Committee.
Inter Club matches commenced against Craigton, Linthouse and Nitshill. Govan was added in 1918, Anchor and Bellahouston in 1919 and then Mosspark in 1925. These were followed by Beith and Drumoyne in 1928.
A friendly game: Masons v Non Masons was arranged for Wednesday July 1st 1914 and a ‘War Fund Day’ with a rinks competition was also held which raised £4-9-6. The proceeds were donated to the Renfrewshire War Funds.
A ‘Ladies Day’ and a greenkeeper’s Benefit game were also organised for September of that year.

August 4th 1914  saw Britain’s entry into the ‘Great War’ but the Club continued to make progress and a request was made to Mr Crosbie asking him to take the necessary steps to have a gas main laid in Forfar Avenue so that gas might be introduced to the Clubhouse.
The greenkeeper requested half a hundredweight of Sulphate of Ammonia plus a 40 gallon cask to hold liquid manure which gives you a rough idea of the greens maintenance techniques employed at that time.
He  was also told that he should take his tea hour at such a time as would allow him to be back at the green by 6pm!
It was agreed that the first presentation of prizes would be held in Cardonald School and take place on or about 20th November. This would consist of a whist drive followed by tea and music.
It is interesting to note that the cost of the hall hire was 10/6d. Tables were 2/6d extra and it would cost another 1/- if you wanted curtains.
The first Club champion was the Rev. J. Wilson.
In 1915 we joined the Renshaw Cup Bowling Association’, which was open to Bowling Clubs in the Parliamentary Division of West Renfrewshire.
Prior to opening day, a motion that NO ‘alcoholic liquors be provided on the opening day was seconded and unanimously agreed to. Another motion was also passed that ‘following the example of H.M. the King’; no alcoholic refreshments would be provided at any function on the green this season.
The recently formed members’ Whist Club was granted the use of the Clubhouse on Thursday evening of each week provided they undertook to pay for the lighting, heating and cleaning of the Clubhouse for all their meetings.
At the third AGM in 1916, County Councillor E.W.Jackson suggested the Directors should consider having no Club Matches, or taking part in cup games during war time but a counter proposal that matches continue as normal was passed.
At a meeting of the Directors, the Chairman called attention to the very fine new board presented to the Club by Director Mr. T.G. Watson, on which the names of the Presidents of the Club might be permanently recorded. The board was greatly admired not only for its intrinsic worth but for its splendid appearance and for the dignity which it added to the interior of the Clubhouse.
It was proposed and agreed that we should fly the ‘American Flag’ on Friday 20th April 1917 in connection with the celebration of the United States entry into the war. It was also agreed, despite a considerable difference of opinion among members, that tea should be provided on the opening day for the lady visitors. A number of Directors offered to provide the tea, sugar and eatables so that the entertainment would cost the Club only a trifle!
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