Rink Booking Terms and Conditions

CBC has a booking system in place which must be used.
This requires a password to be used only by Cardonald members, and it will be made available on request.
Access the booking system on the club website www.cardonaldbc.com navigate to the ‘Club’ and follow the drop down menu for access to the booking system instructions and access to the booking system itself.
It is very important that you only play with the member you have booked to play with.
Information on who booked and who played will be kept for a period of 6 weeks for contact tracing.

Play is not allowed by any member not booked and arriving in the hope of a spare rink. A booking must be made.

Only two player games are allowed at the moment.
This will increase to six from Monday 26th April
For the moment a restriction of 2 to the number of games members may book per week.
There are 3 sessions per day – 1030-1230, 1430-1630, and 1830-2030.
A club marshal will be on duty to assist members.

Those bowlers who are retired, furloughed or whose circumstances allow them to play during the day should refrain from booking the evening and weekend sessions.
This will allow those who are working to secure times evenings and weekends.

You will all be expected to bring your own hand sanitiser and wipes/hankies with you, any drinks you may need (no alcohol) and a bag to take your own rubbish away.
You should arrive punctually near the time of your booked game session. On arrival, you must enter via the car park as the pedestrian gate will be locked.
You must read and be familiar with the signage and notices that are on each gate.
These instructions and requirements are there for the benefit of all members and to allow play at tolerable risk as per guidance from Bowls Scotland.
Before play you must change into bowling shoes by the green, and not in your car or in the carpark.

2 clean washed mats and 2 clean washed jacks per rink will be available near each green. Before commencing you should take both the mats and jacks for the rink even if playing alone.
Do not mix up the equipment for each rink.
Do not share anything with anyone else.
There will be no rubbish bins/ashtrays, so you will be expected to take any rubbish you have, away with you.
There will be cleansing stations set up where you collect the mats and jacks. One basin will have soapy water for washing the equipment – then a second basin for rinsing off the equipment.

You must wash the mats and jacks when you are finished play and return them to where you found them ready for the next user in the next session.

You must observe social distancing. Minimise touching of the mats and jacks by positioning them at the start of the game and playing each end around them in place e.g. set a minimum mat and a short to three-quarter jack in both directions. Do not share anything with anyone else – including any drinks or refreshments.
You should leave the rink as you found it.

You should leave the club promptly after completion taking away anything you brought  with you.

Please ask if you have any questions on the above.
Marshalls are there to help at each session.
Please keep up to date by checking the usual information sites for the club, for Bowls Scotland and for the Scottish Government.
Thank you in advance to all members for their understanding and cooperation..