Constitution 1

The Club shall be called “ CARDONALD BOWLING CLUB “ and the Club premises are situated at Forfar Avenue, Glasgow.

The object of the Club is to play the game of bowls in the spirit of the game. Members of each class of membership should make every effort to achieve this object.

Membership of the Club shall be open to anyone interested in the sport on application regardless of sex, age, disability, ethnicity, nationality, sexual orientation, religion, marital status, social class or other beliefs.
Cardonald Bowling Club is fully committed to making bowls accessible to all and will uphold the principles of equity in all aspects of of our work to ensure that all members, participants, volunteers, coaches or parents receive equitable treatment.

( a ) FULL membership shall at no time exceed 270 and no person under the age of Sixteen ( 16 ) years shall be admitted.

( b ) ASSOCIATE membership shall be confined to the conditions below:
i. Full Members who have been Full Members for the previous Five ( 5 ) years who applied to Management Council and were accepted by Management Council for transfer to this membership. They shall not take part in Full Members Competitions.
They shall have the privilege of playing on the Greens as shown in Schedule (A).
They shall be entitled to vote at any AGM.

( c ) HONORARY The members present at the AGM of the Club, may elect Honorary Presidents, Honorary Vice Presidents, and Honorary Members, in recognition of services to the Club. Honorary Members except as so provided, no other persons shall be allowed to become Honorary Members, their number being nineteen. Honorary Membership shall at all times be subject to the Rules and Bye Laws of the Club, these members shall have all the privileges of Full Membership.

( d ) JUNIOR membership shall be restricted to those of Eight ( 8 ) years of age to Sixteen ( 16 ) years of age. They shall have no rights or interest in the property of the Club nor voice or vote in the management affairs of the Club. On reaching Sixteen ( 16 ) years of age Junior members who have been Junior members for Two ( 2 ) years or more shall become eligible for immediate admission to the appropriate category of adult membership.

( f ) NON PLAYING membership shall be confined to Ordinary or Afternoon members who have been members for the previous Five ( 5 ) years, who apply to and are accepted by the Council for transfer to this membership. They shall have no rights to play on the Greens at any time nor have a voice or vote in the management’s affairs of the Club, but otherwise shall enjoy the privileges of Ordinary Membership.

( g ) TEMPORARY membership shall be confined to members of visiting teams for the duration of their stay on the occasion of matches or competitive games with other Clubs provided their names are displayed in a conspicuous place on the Club premises.
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