Constitution 4

All nominations for Offices and Directors signed by at least two members must be submitted in writing to the Honorary Secretary not later than 15th January, and will be included in the notice calling the A.G.M.

( a ) The President and the Vice President shall be elected at the A.G.M. The immediate Past President on retiral shall not be eligble for election to the Council as a Director until the lapse of one year.

( b ) The Honorary Secretary, Honorary Match Secretary, Honorary Treasurer, Honorary Greens Convener, Honorary Social Convener, Honorary Bar Convener and Honorary House Convener shall retire annually but shall be eligble for re-election at the A.G.M.

( c ) The Directors shall be elected by the general body of members at the A.G.M. and shall hold office for three years. If, however, at any such meeting there are more than three vacancies then three candidates with the greatest number of votes shall be elected for the said period and the remaining vacancies for two years and/or one year shall be filled by the candidates next in order of votes. Directors who have served for such period of three years shall not be eligible for re-election as Directors until after the lapse of one year.

( d ) The Council shall have full power to fill any vacancy on the Council occurring between the Annual General Meetings for the remainder of that year.

Resignations may be intimated in writing to the Honorary Secretary by members at any time provided their subscriptions have been paid.

It shall be competent for the Council to suspend from membership of the Club any member who has been guilty of conduct which, in the opinion of the majority of those present and voting at such Council meeting, shall justify suspension and their finding shall be reported to the first General Meeting of the Club which shall then decide what further action is to be taken.
Such General Meeting shall, by a majority of those present and voting, by ballot, have power to expel the member.

Any complaints or suggestions should be sent to the Club Secretary.
Any complaints that cannot be dealt with in an informal matter will be dealt with by using the Disciplinary Procedure.

(a) Where a personal complaint has been made against or by a member of Council, then that member of Council will be debarred from taking part in discussions concerning the complaint and in the final disposal of the complaint.

(b) Club Media Policy
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