Constitution 5

The BAR shall be administered by the Bar Committee under the charge of the Bar Convener who shall be responsible to Council for all matters pertaining thereto.
Stock must be taken once a month and a financial statement rendered at the monthly meeting.

( a ) No exciseable liquor shall be sold or supplied in the Club premises for consumption off the premises except to a member of the Club in person for consumption by him, and specially authorised by Council. No liquor shall be supplied to any person under 18 years of age. No exciseable liquor shall be brought in and consumed on the Club’s premises except on special occasions and with the consent of Council. No member of Council or any manager or servant employed in the Club shall have any personal interest in the sale of exciseable liquor therein or from the profits arising from the sale. The bar shall be operated in accordance with the terms conditions and provisions laid down in the Licensing ( Scotland ) Act, 2005, or any amendments thereto. The hours during which exciseable liquor may be sold subject to the foregoing Acts will be decided by the Council.

Each member shall have the privilege of bringing 3 visitors to the Club premises occasionally, but it is expected that no member will abuse this privilege.

( a ) Council at their discretion may permit a member to bring more than three ( 3 ) visitors to the Club premises on special occasions. In unforeseen or extenuating circumstances, this permission may be granted by an individual member of Council.

( b ) Visitor(s) shall not be supplied with exciseable liquor in the Club premises unless on the invitation and in the company of a member.

( c ) The member shall on the admission of such visitor(s) to the Club premises enter his own nameand the name and address of the visitor(s) in a book which shall be kept for this purpose and which shall show the date of such visit.

( d ) A member shall be held responsible for his visitor’s demeanour within the Club. When the member leaves the club premises his visitor must also leave.

Time of play on the greens for all members shall be as stated in the separate Schedule A.

( a ) Play on the greens shall be subject to the Laws of the International Bowling Board.

The Council shall have power to make or amend Bye-Laws and Schedules consistent with the foregoing Constitution and Rules but such Bye-Laws or Amendments may be annulled or amended at any General Meeting of the Club.

( a ) Alterations to the preceding Constitution and Rules can only be made at an A.G.M. or Special General Meeting of the Club. In the case of proposed alterations at an A.G.M. written notice must be given to the Honorary Secretary by 15th January. No alterations shall be made to the Constitution and Rules unless two thirds of the members present and voting are in favour of the changes.

( b ) Except for temporary emergency reasons decisions made by a majority of the members at a General Meeting can be altered only by a majority vote at a subsequent Annual General Meeting.

Any dispute or conflict in this Constitution, Rules and Bye-Laws and individual separate parts.
Schedules, the Constitution, Rules and Bye-Laws shall always prevail.
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