Constitution 2

The name and address of every candidate for admission as an Ordinary Member of the Club must be filled in on the form prescribed by Council signed by the applicant and attested by the signature of his proposer and seconder to whom the candidate must be personally known.
The form duly completed shall be displayed on the notice board or other conspicuous place in the Clubhouse for at least Two ( 2 ) weeks after receipt of application and for a further Two ( 2 ) weeks prior to election during which time any objections by Club members must be lodged in writing with the Honorary Secretary.
On election to membership, the Honorary Secretary shall inform the applicant in writing within 28 days of the election giving notice of the Joining Fee and Annual Subscription to be paid ( see also Rule 5 ).
The council may reduce the amount of subscription due in proportion to the date of admission.
Any change of address must be notified in writing to the Honorary Secretary.
( a ) The applicant shall not become a member or be entitled to the privileges of the Club until such Joining Fee and Annual Subscription have been paid.
( b ) A Full Member who must have been an Full Member for 2 years or more can only propose one applicant for Full Membership during the year and also second one applicant for Full Membership during the year.
( c ) All applicants for membership shall be elected by the Council who shall have full powers to reject any application for membership without reason being given. Notice of rejection shall be intimated to the proposer and seconder.
New applicants for membership to the Club shall on being accepted for membership pay a Joining Fee at a level agreed by Council and approved at the A.G.M. This shall be in addition to the Annual Subscription.
Both monies must be paid before an applicant’s membership is confirmed.
( a ) Annual Subscription shall be fixed at the A.G.M. for each class of membership and shall be payable in advance not later than 31st March each year.
Any member failing to pay his Annual Subscription shall cease to have any rights to play on the Greens or take part in Club Competitions or matches until such subscription is paid.
Furthermore, any member who without reasonable cause has failed to pay the Annual Subscription by 30th April shall be deemed to have terminated their membership of the Club.
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