Schedule B



  1. Gents’ Competitions will be organised and run by the Gents Match Committee. Ladies’ Competitions will be organised and run by the Ladies Match Committee. Seniors’ Competitions will be organised and run by the Seniors Match Committee.
  2. Members wishing to enter the various Club Competitions must enter name in the appropriate Competition Sheet.
  3. No person shall be allowed on the Greens unless wearing regulation bowling shoes.
  4. Players in Single Handed Competitions should make every effort to obtain the services of a member to act as a Marker.
  5. In all Club Competitions Score Cards must be used and signed by the Skips, and by both contestants in Singles Competitions.
  6. Score Cards to be placed in the box provided by the winning Skip and by the winner in a Singles Competition.
  7. Only a member of the Match Committee shall enter the winner’s name/names on the Competition Draw Sheets.
  8. Play in the Competitions must commence at the time stated on the Competition Sheets where this is applicable. Time allowed for lateness shall be in accordance with Bowls Scotland Rules.
  9. Rounds by each Competition must be completed by the date shown on the Competition Draw Sheet.
  10. Extensions to closing dates of rounds will only be made in exceptional circumstances and with the approval of either Gents or Ladies Match Secretary. His/her decision will be final.
  11. Members who have been selected to represent the Club, or to represent the various Bowling Associations, will be granted extensions to closing dates, if the representative’s game coincides with the closing date of the Club Competition.
  12. The above does not apply to members who enter themselves in Open Competitions.
  13. Only Nominated Fours ties will be allowed on a Monday evening.
  14. In all Competitions both competitors have responsibility to arrange the tie. Should they fail to reach a mutual agreement, they must contact the Match Committee before the closing date of the round.
  15. Failure by both competitors to play their tie by the closing date of the round disqualifies both competitors. This Rule does not apply to semi or final ties. In any dispute the Match Committee’s decision is final.
  16. Semi-final and Final ties will be arranged by the Match Secretaries in conjunction with the competitors. In the absence of an agreement to the dates proposed a date for the ties will be set by the appropriate Match Committee.
  17. The Match Secretaries will appoint Markers who will control the ties in accordance with the Laws of the I.B.B.
  18. In four bowl Single Competitions the first player to reach 21 shots shall be deemed the winner.
  19. In two bowl Single Competitions the first player to reach 15 shots shall be deemed the winner.
  20. The Vice-President’s Competition is open to Full Members who have NOT previously won a scratch singled handed competition in this or any other Club.
  21. Full Members may enter for the Championship and either the President’s or Vice-President’s Competitions.
  22. Pairs and Fours Competitions shall be played over 17 ends and Triples Competitions shall be played over 15 ends unless otherwise stated.
  23. Balloted Pairs: Partners will be balloted for by the Match Committee. No substitutes will be permitted.
  24. Nominated Mixed Pairs: Same rules as other Pairs competitions.
  25. Gents’ Nominated Fours: Rounds to be played on consecutive Monday evenings following the commencement date. Play to commence at 7:00pm in conjunction with the Monday evening Aggregate Game.
  26. Substitute Rule (Nominated competitions) – The players playing in the first game shall be deemed the nominated team. One substitute, ( Two in Nominated Fours ) who must not have played in a previous round of the Competition, will be allowed and will become a permanent member/s of the team. Substituted Players are not allowed to return to the competition. In the event of a team failing to appear on the date and time of a round, their opponents, if fully present, shall be awarded the tie.
    If both teams are not fully present, both will be eliminated.
  27. Monday Night Game (Aggregate). To be played on consecutive Monday evenings up to and including last Monday of August. Play to commence at 7.00pm. Highest score will determine the winners. In the event of a tie on shots, the Rink members winning the greatest number of ends shall be deemed the winner. Three points will be awarded to “Highest Up” Rink members. Two points will be awarded to each winning Rink member. One point will be awarded to each Rink member in the event of a tie. The overall winner of the Aggregate Competition will be determined on the result over their best twelve games.
  28. Nominated One-Day Triples, Balloted Mixed Triples, W. Milne Trophy and Mixed Fours (Jubilee): The above Competitions to be played on a Saturday where possible: all day, on a date to be decided by the Match Committee.
  29. Casual dress for all games up to and including the quarter final will be allowed.

Denims/Jeans, cargo trousers, track suits and leggings of any description must not be worn on the greens. Tailored and official bowling shorts are permitted, however sport shorts are not.
Plain black leggings are permitted.

Gents Club Uniform – white shirt and Club tie or the official Cardonald Bowling Club polo shirt must be worn along with grey or black bowling or flannel trousers and bowling shoes.
Colour co-ordinated trousers/shorts are also permitted.

Ladies Club Uniform – white bowling tops with collar and short sleeves or the official Cardonald Bowling Club polo shirt with regulation Grey Bowling skirt, Grey or Black tailored or bowling trousers/shorts and bowling shoes.
Colour co-ordinated skirts/trousers/shorts are also permitted.

Club uniform to be worn by members at the following games: Club friendly games, Semi Final and Final ties, One Day Competitions, Association games, and in all games where the club is being represented by members. Members adopting to wear official club polo shirts must ensure that in team games, all members of the team are dressed the same. “