Constitution 6

The foregoing Constitution, Rules and the Bye-Laws and separate parts / Schedules following hereon are binding on every member of the Club in all respects.

1) In the absence of the Greens Convener any two members of the Council shall have the power to open the Greens or close the Greens if in their opinion it is advisable to do so.

2) The Greens, or as much of them as required, may be reserved by the Council for competitions and / or matches. No member shall have the right to use any portion of the space so reserved unless he is taking part in those competitions or matches.

3) Five rinks on each green from the commencement of the competitions up to the end of June; four rinks on each green during the period 1st July to 15th July; three rinks on each green during the period 16th July to end of August, shall be reserved for Club ties up to 7.00 pm each evening, excepting Mondays, Fridays, Saturdays and evenings when inter Club matches or representative games are being played. Further Club ties shall be allowed to start on the remaining rinks if unoccupied after 7.00 pm.

4) Should all the rinks in each green be occupied, Members waiting for a game shall have the right to call upon any rink which has not eight players to make up to that number, and where there is more than one such rink, a ballot shall, if necessary be taken to decide which rink, or rinks, shall be increased. This does not apply to the rinks occupied by Club ties, or for matches or for rinks reserved by decision of Council.

5) Any member of Cardonald Bowling Club who has dual outdoor membership, cannot put their name forward to play in BOWLS SCOTLAND / G.B.A. / R.B.A. competitions in both clubs. In the event that they were selected to play against Cardonald Bowling Club in any association games, they would require to withdraw.

6) All notices and other documents shall be placed on the Notice Board or in the Clubhouse by the Office Bearers or Conveners of Committees only. Any member defacing, destroying or removing any such notice shall be dealt with under paragraph 9 of the Constitution and Rules.

7) The greens shall be open to visitors accompanied by members, but no visitor shall be allowed to play in a Members game unless there is a vacancy.

8) The sanction of the Match Committee is required by a Member desiring the use of a rink, or rinks, for a private game, and applications in writing must give at least two days notice. This privilege shall be available from 1st July only. Members granted this privilege shall accept unconditionally the rink, or rinks, allocated and in the manner set out by the Match Secretary. Not more than two rinks shall be allocated at any one time.

9) No person shall be allowed on the greens unless wearing Regulation Bowling Shoes.

10) Members must exercise all care to avoid damage to greens, banks and other property of the Club. Any member who after being cautioned, continues with such damage shall be dealt with under paragraph 9 of the Constitution and Rules.

11) The Club shall not be responsible for the personal property of any member or visitor.

12) Any disputes arising between members shall be submitted in writing to the Council, whose decision shall be final and binding.

13) No member participating in any game of bowls shall leave same unfinished for the purpose of consuming exciseable liquor in the Clubhouse unless with prior sanction of the Council.

14) A copy of the Constitution, Rules, Bye-Laws and separate parts/Schedules shall be retained in the Clubhouse and be available to members.

15) A list of members and their addresses shall be kept by the Honorary Secretary.

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