Constitution 3

The business and affairs of the Club shall be under the management of a Council consisting of President, Vice President, Immediate Past President, Honorary Secretary, Honorary Match Secretary, Honorary Treasurer, Honorary Greens Convener, Honorary Social Convener, Honorary Bar Convener, Honorary House Convener and six directors.

( a ) The Council shall have full powers to hold all the property and transact all the business of the Club, regulate the use of the Clubhouse and Greens and appoint committees for the performance of specific duties delegated to them by the Council. All action taken by these committees shall be subject to approval by the Council. The President, Vice President and Honorary Secretary shall be ex-officio members of all committees. The President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer from time to time shall be the Trustees of the Club. The heritable property of the Club shall vest in these office bearers as Trustees. The Trustees shall, on being duly authorised by the Club in General Meeting, have the power to borrow monies, sell, purchase or grant security over the heritable assets of the Club.

( b ) The Honorary Secretary shall convene all meetings of the Club and of Council, minute proceedings, display outline agendas and brief minutes of said meetings for perusal by Club members, conduct correspondence, keep a complete record of the names and addresses of all members and generally conduct the business of the Club in accordance with the Constitution and the directions of the Council. He shall submit a report to the A.G.M. which shall be minuted.

( c ) The Honorary Match Secretary shall convene all meetings of the Match Committee, keep a record thereof and undertake the arrangement of all matches, games and competitions. He shall submit a report to the A.G.M. which shall be minuted.

( d ) The financial year of the Club shall close on the last day of November. The Honorary Treasurer shall, after due authorisation by the Management Council, receive and disburse all monies due to and by the Club and in particular shall collect subscriptions from members. He shall keep correct accounts and books showing the financial affairs and intromissions of the Club and shall submit annually to the A.G.M. in February a complete financial statement made up to the end of the year preceding the meeting, previously approved by Council and duly audited. Such financial statement shall, with the Auditors’ Certificate, be printed in the circular calling the Annual General Meeting. He shall produce at any meeting of the Club or Council, when called upon to do so, the Club’s books, records, bank books, cash in hand and/or securities in which the Club’s funds are invested.

( e ) Funds of the Club shall be lodged in an approved Bank in the name of the Cardonald Bowling Club and intromissions thereon shall be by any two of the following Office-Bearers, viz: President, Honorary Secretary, Honorary Bar Convener and Honorary Treasurer. Any funds invested shall be in the joint names of these three Office Bearers or their successors in office.

( f ) The Honorary Auditors, two in number, appointed at the Annual General Meeting, and not members of Council, shall audit the Club accounts and report their findings to the Annual General Meeting.

( g ) Council Meetings shall be held at least once a month, July excepted, during the year. They may also be convened at any time by the Honorary Secretary at the instance of the President or any four members of Council, when the business to be discussed must be stated.

( h ) The Annual General Meeting of the Club shall be held in February on a date to be fixed by Council. The Honorary Secretary shall give notice of this meeting to the members, by circular, at least 7 days prior to the date of the meeting. The circular shall contain the Honorary Treasurer’s financial statement, the Honorary Auditor’s report, all proposed amendments to the Constitution and Rules, all motions affecting the finance or property of the Club, particulars of which have been submitted to the Honorary Secretary in writing by the 15th January, and details the order of the business to be transacted.

( j ) Special General Meetings of the Club may be convened at any time on the Council’s instructions. The President shall be bound to summon and hold a Special General Meeting within 42 days after receipt of a requisition to do so signed by at least 20 members and containing the purport of the business to be considered. The notice calling such a meeting shall state the business.

( k ) The Chairman at all meetings of the Club or Council shall be the President, Vice President or Immediate Past President, whom failing, such other member as the meeting may appoint.

( l ) At all General Meetings of the Club, Fifty ( 50 ) voting members shall form a quorum, Seven ( 7 ) shall form a quorum at meetings of Council and Three ( 3 ) in the case of all committees. At all meetings the Chairman shall have a casting vote in addition to a deliberate vote.

( m ) The property, effects and funds of the Club shall belong equally to the voting Members, who shall be liable equally for the debts and obligations of the Club. The Club is a non-profit making organsiation, all profits and surplus will be used to foster and promote bowling, no profit or surplus will be distributed other than to another non-profit making body or to members on winding up or dissolution of the Club. The rights and interests of every voting member shall be personal and shall expire with his membership, and shall not be assignable or arrestable or pass to his executors.
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