Ladies History 2

1951 – 1975

The 1950’s saw the beginning of a new era in the history of Cardonald Bowling Club with the completion of a new clubhouse for which the ‘Ladies Section’ had a special building fund helped by whist drives, bridge nights and other events. These funds were used to help in furnishing the new clubhouse.
From the minutes of a committee meeting – April 1956 – “it was agreed to send a letter of thanks to the council for the comfort and accommodation our ladies section was enjoying in the new clubhouse – also it was a pleasure to the playing members to have lockers for the first time in our club.”

First indoor game.

As ‘Coronation Day’, Tuesday 2nd June fell on ladies playing day, the gentlemen invited the ladies to join them in a mixed rink game.

Mrs. Harrison – President of the East Renfrewshire Bowling Association.

Mrs. Cruden – President of the Scottish Women’s Bowling Association. Cardonald hosted the international trials and the S.W.B.A. and Elder Cottage finals.

Mrs. Harrison won the East Renfrewshire Ladies Bowling Association Singles (Wilson Dawson Trophy)

W.O.S.W.B.A. Semi Finals held at Cardonald.

W.O.S.W.B.A Finals held at Cardonald. Mrs. Sloan(Cardonald) was President of the W.O.S.W.B.A.

A rink skipped by Mrs. Wallace were runners up in the finals of the West.

Jubilee year of the Parent Club. Under a new ‘Constitution’, the Ladies Section were now Lady Associate Members.

In August 1965, for the annual afternoon ‘Ladies v Gents’ game, the Match Secretary was instructed to purchase 4 dozen eggs as prizes for the gentlemen!!

Mrs. Elliott and Mrs. Purvis won the East Renfrewshire pairs competition (Ralston Cup).

Mrs. Elliott elected President of the East Renfrewshire Ladies Bowling Association.

Membership rises to 104. Introduction of ‘Decimalisation’ results in the price changes Tea changed from 4d to 2 new pence and the Aggregate from 6d to 3 new pence.

Cardonald hosted an ‘International 1st Practice Game’

Cardonald hosted the ‘Home Internationals’ and the ‘British Isles Championships’. Lady President Mrs. Andrews along with the Treasurer and Tea Convener attended a civic reception in the City Chambers.

Mrs. Clare Whannell elected VP of W.O.S.W.B.A.

50th anniversary of the ‘Ladies Section’. Special games and events arranged as part of the celebrations.
A donation of £25 received from the parent club.
Hosted the W.O.S.W.B.A. Finals and joined the newly formed ‘Glasgow Women’s Bowling association’.
In the second 25 years of the Ladies Section, Cardonald had a representative at International level almost every year.

The honours for this time are:
Mrs. Craig 1951/52/53/54/56/57/63
Mrs. Sloan 1958/59
Mrs. Snodgrass 1964/65/67/68/69
Mrs. Purvis 1971/72/75

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