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October 5th 2018
Congratulations to Margaret Smith who was announced today as the ‘LadiesVP elect’.
As always, the best wishes from everyone at the club go to Mary and Margaret for a happy and successful time in office.
September 29th 2018
Congratulations and best wishes to Jim McGowan who was named as Kenny Shannon’s VP Elect today.
I am sure that  everyone at the club wish Kenny and Jim every success during their term of office.
September 10th 2018
Today’s final of the ‘ Ladies Nominated Pairs’ started off in reasonably dry weather and then went according to the forecast and deteriorated with some nasty rain showers.
After some superb bowling from both teams, the eventual winners were Nan Davies and Dorothy Young.
Many congratulations to them and commiserations to the runners up Gladys Brittain and Christine Wooley.
September 9th 2018
Fortunately the heavy rain showers eased off in time for today’s finals and congratulations go to our winners:
Nominated Pairs – Bobby Woolley and Malky McGeachy.
As Ross Warrender commented, “We shouldn’t have taken a 7 off Bobby and Malky at the first end. It just made them angry!”
Mixed Pairs – Yvonne Grieve and Derek Grieve.
Commiserations to the runners up:
Nominated Pairs – Mark Richmond and Ross Warrender.
Mixed Pairs – Anne Miller and Bobby Smith.
September 7th 2018
Congratulations to tonight’s winners of the ‘Rinks Trophy’ who were Grant Middleton, Ross Warrender, Derek Grieve and David Elliot. (Three trophies for David in this year’s finals!)
Commiserations to the runners up who lost by one shot in a closely fought contest, Andy Scobie, Willie Hayden, Jim Whyte and Robert Smith.
September 4th 2018
A couple more finals played tonight and the this year’s winners of the ‘Middleton Triples’ were
Ian Christie, Jim Whyte and Robert Smith.
Runners up were Grant Richmond, Harry Fenion and Mark Richmond.
In the ‘Junior Championship’ the winner was Craig Moffatt and runner up Kyle Young.
Congratulations to the winners and commiserations to the runners up.
September 2nd 2018
Congratulations to the winners of the ‘Bill McIntosh Trophy’ where the teams are skipped by a Junior player.
The winning team was Bill McDonald, Margaret Hamilton, David McCloy and skip Ryan McCafferty from Pollokshaws B.C.
Commiserations and well done to the runners up who were Isobel Dougan Yeates, Greg McDonald, Bobby Smith and our own Leah McCloy.
Thanks again to Pauline Richmond and everyone else who helped to organise the competition.
August 31st 2018
Congratulations go again to David Elliot who won the ‘President’s Trophy’ against Alex Hunter this evening, and having won the ‘Championship’ on Saturday, achieves the ‘DOUBLE’.
Not sure when this was done last, but certainly not in the last 4 or 5 years, so well done to David.
The bowling was superb from both players, so many commiserations also to Alex.
August 30th 2018
A historic day today in the annual game between the Ladies and the Senior Gents when the ladies were victorious over the gents for the first time ever.
Despite a steward’s enquiry, the score of 73 shots against 70 could not be disputed.
There is absolutely no truth in the rumour that there has been a sudden increase in requests from the gents for non-playing membership, nor were numerous sets of bowls found in the skip in the club car park.
Senior Gents President Iain Cook handing over the trophy to Lady President Liz Farquhar.

2018 CBC Ladies v Gents lightbox for native galleriesby v6.1

Thanks to Anne Miller for the picture.
August 29th 2018
Results from other finals played today are as follows:
Seniors Championship – WINNER Bobby Woolley – RUNNER UP Robert Armstrong.
Ladies Clare Whannel Trophy – WINNER  Margaret Kelly – RUNNER UP – Anne Miller.
Ladies Margaret Jardine Trophy – WINNER Annette Garrick – RUNNER UP – Lorna Reedie
Ladies 2 Bowl Balloted Pairs – WINNERS Nan Davies and Jean McKinney.
RUNNER UP – Linda Walls and Anne McKechnie.
Congratulations as usual to all the winners and commiserations to the runners up.
August 26th 2018
Strange how things work out!
After winning the ‘Ladies Championship’ yesterday, Nan Davies was also competing in today’s final of the ‘Ladies President’s’.
It turned out to be a reversal of last year’s results when Yvonne won the Championship and Nan won the President’s. So congratulations go to the winner of this year’s ‘Ladies President’s’ Yvonne Grieve along with commiserations to the runner up Nan Davies.
August 25th 2018
‘Finals’ day and a lovely sunny day to boot.
The results are as follows:
VICE- PRESIDENT’s WINNER Douglas Smith – RUNNER UP Scott McKechnie
BALLOTED PAIRS WINNERS David McCloy and Sammy Doyle – RUNNERS UP John Brady and Peter Yeates
SENIOR BALLOTED PAIRS WINNERS John Campbell and Eddie Waltham – RUNNERS UP John Lonie and Joe Copeland.
Many congratulations to everyone who took part and very well done to the winners.
It can be tough losing at any time but doubly so in a final – so sincere commiserations to all the runners up.
CLICK HERE for pictures from Friday 24th and Saturday 25th.
August 24th 2018
The ladies ‘Balloted Pairs’ final took place today and the eventual winners after an extra end were Ellen McGregor and Mary Brannigan.
Commiserations to the runners up – Jane O’Brien and Nan Davies.
A happy birthday also to Mary Brannigan.
August 18th 2018
The usual spectre of rain hanging over the ‘Willie Milne Trophy’ was fortunately banished for most of today, although there was still the odd bit of drizzle and damp greens to contend with.
Particular vote of thanks to our match secretary Ross Warrender who had to re-jig the draw to allow for some of the rinks being unplayable. No easy task, so well done to him.
Congratulations to the winning team of Ian Christie, Willie Hayden, Lenny Davies and Jim Craig and commiserations to the runners up, Allan Brittain. Brendan Kelly, Bobby Woolley and Jamie Cochrane.
Grateful thanks as always to the ladies in the kitchen who worked so hard to provide our nourishment throughout the day.
August 15th 2018
The ‘Andy Balmer Trophy’ which was formerly a 2 bowl triples competition, was played today in a rinks format by senior section members during their outing to Saltcoats B.C..
Congratulations go to the winning team of Bob Rooney, Willie Johnston, Adam Campbell and Harry Cairns.
July 29th 2018
There were a few drookit folks at today’s ‘Little’s Sponsored Tournament’ and congratulations go to the winning team which was Anne Miller, Robert McKechnie and Bill McDonald.
Commiserations to the runners up Cherie Bradley, John Campbell and Margaret Kelly.
Many thanks again to our sponsors for their continued generosity.

July 28th 2018

Well, sadly that’s our Northfield quest over for another year.
Congratulations to everyone who took part and competed so well against the tough opposition you would expect at the National Championship.
In our largest representation ever at Northfield, our teams of Juniors,( Leah McCloy, Craig Moffat, Kyle Young ), Gents Pairs, ( John Brophy, Mark Richmond ) Triples, ( Billy Whyte, Ross Warrender, David Elliot ) and Fours, ( Grant Middleton, Willie Hayden, Jim Whyte, Robert Smith ) as well as our Ladies Singles, ( Yvonne Grieve ) Pairs, ( Nan Davies, Dorothy Young ) and Mixed Pairs, ( Jo Hayden Willie Hayden ) were a credit to the club.
Particular mention to our Ladies Pairs team of Dorothy Young and Nan Davies who had a great run which came to an end in the semi-finals against Glenmavis.
Commiserations also to Darren Gualtieri, a former member of our club and now playing for Hyndland BC, who just missed out reaching the Gents Finals when he was beaten by Mark O’Hagen ( Whitefield ) by that cruelest of scores 21-20.

July 14th 2018
Congratulations to the winners of this year’s ‘Fellowship Triples’ who were Mark McCloy, Mark Duffy and David Elliot.
Commiserations to the runners up, Grant Middleton, Tam Young and Jim Dorward and thanks to everyone who took part.
July 8th 2018
Many, many congratulations to Mark Richmond who won the’ G.B.A. Junior Singles’ at Chryston Bowling Club against Linthouse.
A great achievement for the club. Is this a first?
July 7th 2018
Another fine day in our ongoing heatwave and congratulations to the winners of the ‘Mixed Triples’ tournament who were Margaret Hamilton, Douglas Smith and Alex Hunter.
Commiserations to the runners up Anne Miller, Margaret Kelly and John Lonie.
Well done also to everyone who organised the lunch, barbecue and entertainment for the day.
May 5th 2018
May Holiday weekend and ‘Mixed Jubilee’ day saw some slightly more favourable weather.
Congratulations to the winning team of Bob Rooney, Sadie Fitzpatrick, John Brady and Freddy Farquhar and commiserations to the runners up, Anne Miller, Margaret Whyte, Bobby Smith and Jim Whyte.
June 2nd 2018
Gent’s ‘Triples Day’ and despite various yellow weather alerts for thunder and rain, the weather held up and the eventual winners were Scott McKechnie, Alan McKechnie and John Hart. Congratulations to them and commiserations to the runners up John Mailer, David Carlton and Adam Carlton.

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