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4th October 2020 – Closing Day – Plus One!!
Not sure if history was made today but it certainly must be a long time since we have had a closing day postponed by a day.
We had so much heavy rain on Saturday 3rd that the last game of the season  and curtailed ‘Closing Day’ celebrations had to be postponed until today.
The current situation with the Covid 19 pandemic sadly prevented us from having our usual closing date festivities, but thanks to Ross Warrender and everyone who helped to organise today’s game, we were able to finish the season with some semblance of normality.
Thanks to everyone who came along and enjoyed a lovely day and here’s hoping that the situation improves enough in time for next year’s season.
CLICK HERE for some pictures of the play.

27th September 2020
A game to mark closing day will take place on Saturday 3rd October at 2.00pm.
If you would like to play, please add your name to the sheet on the Gent’s noticeboard.
The game is open to Ladies and Gents.
Numbers are limited due to the current ‘Bowls Scotland’ guidelines and should demand exceed the available space,
priority will be given to those who have played and supported this season’s competitions.

21st September 2020
The finals of the informal ‘Singles’ and ‘3 Bowl Pairs ‘have now been played.
Winner Robert Smith
Runner Up David McCloy
Winners John Brophy and Robert Smith
Runners Up Andy Anderson and Malky McGeachy
Congratulations to the winners and commiserations to the runners up.
Thank you to everyone who participated in these competitions  and the other one day events during our much shortened season.
It has been great to see over 140 of our members using the greens over the last three months.
Our bowling season is due to come to an end on Saturday 3rd October and I would like to arrange a game to mark this day. However, this will depend on any restrictions which may be brought in over the coming days.
I will keep you updated with any further arrangements.
( Ross Warrender – Match Secretary )

18th September 2020
The final of the 3-Bowl Pairs Competition will be held on Friday 18th September at 5pm.
Andy Anderson / Malky McGeachy vs John Brophy / Robert Smith
Good luck guys and may the best team win ?

Teams are now up on the noticeboard for this Saturday’s Balloted Mixed Triples Competition.9:45am start.
Club uniform not required.

Cardonald BC had a spot check from the government coronavirus inspectors earlier this week.
We had a very good report. No major issues.
All the members within the club at the visit were following the regulations.
Thanks to all present and especially to the guys who showed them round as no committee were present.
Thanks to all our members for the efforts so far, and understanding in the circumstances.
I will follow up by contacting an officer at Glasgow City Council who has emailed me about the visit, and will keep you all posted.
Stay safe.
– David

8th September 2020
There will be a ‘Balloted Mixed Triples’ competition on Saturday 19th September – 9.45am start.
Entry sheet is on the Gent’s notice board.
Numbers are limited due to the current ‘Bowls Scotland ‘ guidelines.
Closing date for entries is Monday 14th September.

1st September 2020
There will be a ‘Gents One Day Balloted Triples’ competition on Saturday 12th September – 9.45am start.
Entry sheet is on the Gents notice board. Closing date for entries is Monday 6th September.
Numbers are limited due to the current ‘Bowls Scotland ‘ guidelines.

We also plan to hold a ‘One Day Mixed Triples’ competition on Saturday 19th September – more details to follow.

9th July 2020 (Updated 8th August 2020 )
Here are a few pictures of our swanky new bar renovations courtesy of Kenny Shannon.
Well done to all concerned.
All bar staff will now be required to wear a dinner suit – white tuxedos are also permitted.!

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11th June 2020
History was made today when the Club opened the greens in June due to the Corona Virus problems.
Play is limited to 3 rinks per green at the moment which will hopefully improve over the coming months.
A huge vote of thanks to the many people involved in getting this off the ground and to the volunteer marshals who will be making sure that everyone abides by the rules.
A few pictures below from this evening’s games to give you a flavour of what’s happening.
Needless to say the rain started bang on 7 o’clock!!

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20th April 2020
Keeping in touch
Dear All,
This is just a short email to let you know what is happening around the Club whilst we are closed and not seeing our friends and other members during the stay at home policy.
I have been asked by a few members if anything is happening or any news of any members. As far as I am aware everyone is well and adhering to the rules.
Colin Lynch has been doing a bit of work around the Club and I have been told he has painted the Huts with preservative.
We hope by now everyone will have either paid their fees or have contacted the Treasurer.
Unfortunately I do not have an email for all members so if you are chatting to anyone on phone or any other means, and they have not had
an email, tell them to get in touch with me at or on my mobile which is 07712576491 to include them on the distribution.
Hope you are all well.
Michael Davidson.

4th April 2020
A warm welcome to our ‘Virtual Opening Day’ and
congratulations to our new President, Jim McGowan.

CBC GENT's OPENING DAY 2020 CBC GENT's OPENING DAY 2020 lightbox for native galleriesby v6.1

Here is a short video of the first bowls.
The clubhouse has changed a bit and the greens are in a hell of a state!!
With thanks to whoever took the pictures and video.
Anna and Rena? ( Pixar Animations )
This has been a little bit rushed onto the website, so if you have any problems, let me know
via the website contact email address.

18th March 2020
All Bowls Scotland events cancelled – CLICK HERE for details.

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