History 7

WAR YEARS ( continued )
During the war years permission was granted to member Mr Harry Robertson to erect a ‘Surface Air Raid Shelter’ 9ft x 9ft ( facing his home at 142 Berwick Drive ) on the unoccupied ground owned by the Club.
Another resident of Cardonald Place Road was allowed to rent a small piece of the vacant ground for use as an allotment for an annual fee of 1/ shilling.
It was also felt that some arrangement be made for the closing of the greens and Clubhouse at the end of play each day and it was agreed that the directors should undertake these duties and the secretary was instructed to prepare a roster.
In 1945 the Club won the Glasgow Cup for the first time.

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Lady Lobnitz passed away ( 1947 ) and a telephone was installed in the Clubhouse – Halfway 3913.
1951 saw a Special General Meeting consider a proposal for a third green which was duly defeated by 68 votes to 10.

The building of a new Clubhouse was discussed in 1952 and architect’s plans were submitted for perusal of the committee.
However, at a ‘Special General Meeting’ in 1953 it was explained that we had been unable to obtain a building licence for such a project.
On the advice of the architect, alterations to the plans were prepared which would allow the new Clubhouse to be built in three stages.
An application had been made to the Ministry of Works for a licence to carry out the first stage which was called an ‘extension’ to the present Clubhouse.
By the end of 1954 the first phase of the extension was completed but there were considerable problems with the ingress of rain at the junction of the old and new buildings.
A ‘Gold Watch’ competition and ‘Sports Day’ along with various other fundraising initiatives had managed to raise some further capital but there were still considerable problems in trying to raise the additional finance necessary to complete the next 2 stages.
The idea of loans from members resulted in a poor response as did the proposal of a levy of 2/- per week on each member which was voted out by 57-38. It wasn’t until 1955 that another Special General Meeting passed a resolution allowing the Club to impose an annual levy of £1 per member to augment the building fund. A debenture scheme was also started and almost 50% of the membership contributed.
Thanks to a massive amount of background work undertaken by the committee, a contract was placed at the exceptionally good price of £4150 to complete the remaining two phases of the building programme. Some of the flooring joists in the new building were recovered from the demolition of the original Clubhouse and the new building was officially opened by the President’s wife Mrs. A.D. McLuckie on 21st April 1956.
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