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The ‘First Annual General Meeting’ of the Club was held in the Cardonald Public School on Friday 6th March 1914 at 7-30pm and 40 Members attended.

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It was announced that the bowling green was now completely formed, fenced in, and a lease had been drawn up for 5 years at an annual rent of £27. Agreement had also been reached with Scotstoun Estate Building Company to furnish a loan of £30 at 2% interest per annum in order that the necessary tools for the upkeep of the green might be procured.
Plans for the Clubhouse had also been prepared and were presently under consideration by the agents of Mr Baird.
We were assured that the Clubhouse would be completed in good time for opening of the bowling season.
The various committees – match etc were formed and the Proposed ‘Constitution, Rules and Bye Laws’ were submitted.
The election of Office Bearers and Directors for season 1914  included:
Mr. W.H. Sinclair President
Mr. Robert Carson Vice-President.
Mr. W.A. Baird of Erskine and Lennoxlove Hon. President
Mr. F. Lobnitz of Rosshall Hon.Vice-President
Mr. W. Talbot Crosbie of the S.E.B.Co Hon.Vice-President
The membership entrance fee was agreed at £1-1-0 ( One Guinea ).

By April 1914, the Match Committee had applied for membership of the ‘Renfrewshire and Glasgow Bowling Association’ but it was decided not to apply for membership of the ‘Scottish Bowling Association’ at that particular time.
Mr. J.M. McPherson of Barfillan Dr was appointed as greenkeeper at 28/- shillings per week.
Building of the Clubhouse had commenced and would be completed before the end of April.
The Club took out an insurance policy to cover the greenkeeper under the ‘Workmen’s Compensation Act’ as well as the contents of the Clubhouse (including bowls) to the extent of £150.
39 Subscriptions had now been received and the funds stood at £40-14-10.
Match Committee recommended that the competitions for the season should be:
Club Championship 1/- ( One shilling entry fee )
President’s Prize Limited to 21/-
Vice-President’s Prize Limited to 15/-
Monday Evening Rinks Game 1/- ( One shilling entry fee )

It was decided that the green should be opened on Saturday 9th May at 3pm and Mr. W.A. Baird and Lady Baird were invited to perform the opening ceremony. However, due to business commitments Mr Baird was unable to be present for the opening of the greens and so the honour passed to Mr. and Mrs. Lobnitz  who agreed to perform the opening ceremony and throw the first jack.

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