History 9

1980 saw an increase in VAT from 8% to 15% and needless to say this prompted a review of the bar prices as well as membership fees.
At that year’s A.G.M., a proposal to introduce a ‘Mixed Pairs’ tournament was accepted and a trophy for this competition was donated by the incoming President Les Michie and his wife the Ladies President Kit Michie. They have the unique distinction in the Club’s history of being the only husband and wife who were joint Presidents of their respective sections in the same year.
In April there was an appeal for help to water the greens at night – the requirement for all night flooding was a possibility due to the greens being SCORCHED by the recent hot weather. We didn’t have any sprinkler systems fitted then.
The conversion of the heating system to gas was investigated and improvements to the Concert Hall such as suspended ceiling and panelling of the walls similar to the lounge was also discussed although the felt covering on the roof would require extensive repair due to ongoing problems with leaks. By October however, the Concert Hall had been transformed but further issues arose with the North and South greens both of which had problems with drainage and a black scum on the surface along with meadow grass and various other infections.
In 1981 it was felt that there was a requirement for a full time greenkeeper as the hours worked at present were not adequate for our needs. However it was deemed to be not affordable at that time.
A letter from Langlands School for the Handicapped proposed a rinks competition involving all the Clubs within the Govan league to help raise funds for the construction of a swimming pool for the children. It was agreed that this would be played at Fairfield BC on Fri 25th September 1981 and the winning rink from the Monday Wappenshaw would represent the Club. This was undoubtedly the forerunner to the ‘Langlands Rose Bowl’ which has since been resurrected and held at our Club in recent years.
The bar was now open on Sundays but for members’ use only.
1982 saw the introduction of a ‘Finals Day’ consisting of the Championship, VP’s and Balloted Pairs. Voted as a great success, it was hoped that this format would be continued.
The 1980’s also saw the greens sprinkler system installed and the appointment of John Lawless as our first full time greenkeeper in 1983. John retired in 2013.
Over the years our Club has employed several greenkeepers and with the passing of time there are a couple of anecdotes which can now be told without causing undue embarrassment to any of the people concerned.
In once instance, the greenkeeper was sacked for having failed to turn up for work for almost two weeks. It was then discovered that the poor chap had passed away! In fairness to the Club, communications were very poor at that time.
In another episode, the greenkeeper was sacked because he had severely damaged the green by spraying fungicide from a sprayer which had previously contained weed killer.
We obtained a loan of £25,000 at 6% interest from Tennent Caledonian Brewery which was used to extend and refurbish the small lounge as well as fitting double glazing in the concert hall. The loan also catered for a future extension to the Ladies room and kitchen.
In 1986 the Constitution and Rules were changed to allow junior members.
The Club won the Govan League for the first time in 1987.
The Boardroom was renovated in time for the 75th Anniversary of Club in 1989, a year in which someone enquired about purchasing the car park area to build a dwelling house.

75th Anniversary
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Another suggestion was made that we build an indoor bowling alley at a cost £180,000. Both proposals were discussed and rejected. The new inter Club match with Babcock & Wilcox had been very successful.
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